How To Run a Profitable Food Operation

Food service can be a tricky and expensive operation – get it wrong and it can be a costly drain on your business. Coffeeangel’s KARL PURDY offers some advice on creating a sustainable food offering.

 "I’ve been been lucky to be successful, but I’ve also been lucky to be a failure. Without that, I wouldn’t be as clearly focused on what I need to do.’

Karl Purdy, the man behind Dublin’s award-winning Coffeeangel group, has learned the hard way about what it takes to run a successful business. His restaurant, Bond – a popular eatery with a garland of great reviews – closed in 2001, mired in debt and leaving him ‘completely wiped out’. 

Down, but not out, Karl bounced back.

His journey has given him the knowledge to share his experiences and provide first hand advice in running a profitable food operation.  


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