Coffee Excellence Awards

  • The 2016 SCAE Excellence Awards Nominations

    Leaders in the SCAE Community were celebrated in Dublin as the annual SCAE Excellence Awards were presented at World of Coffee. 

    Proudly sponsored by OikoCredit, the Awards are judged by the SCAE International Development Committee and honour SCAE members who have contributed to the success of the industry through education, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. 

    David Veal, Executive Director, SCAE comments: ‘Our community is all about coffee and people and one of the things that we at SCAE like to celebrate is success. Today we gather to celebrate the success of some of our brightest people, all of whom have been strongly nominated by their peers in the community. They have all inspired coffee excellence within their fields.’ 

    The winners of the 2016 SCAE Excellence Awards are: 

    • Young Entrepreneur Award: Henry Wilson, Perfect Daily Grind
    • Passionate Educator Award: Chiara Bergonzi, independent trainer
    • Innovation Award: Pete Southern, Creator of the PUSH Tamper
    • Working Towards Sustainability: Benjamin Weiner, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
    • Lifetime Achievement Award: Edy Bieker at Sandalj, Head of the Quality and Training Departments

    All of the SCAE Excellence winners are outstanding contributors to the coffee industry. 

    Henry Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Perfect Daily, a digital coffee publication dedicated to increasing awareness of specialty coffee and all the work that goes into producing it. Henry’s website is an accessible portal for anyone interested in the coffee market as he brings the latest news and updates from all aspects of the industry to both coffee professionals and coffee lovers. 

    Chiara Bergonzi is a well-regarded independent trainer having worked in the coffee industry for many years and her passion and energy for coffee made her want to share her knowledge. 

    Pete Southern, the founder of Clockwork Espresso and the man behind the PUSH Tamper. Starting his coffee career in 2009, Pete realized that barista’s could not tamp correctly. After many months, Pete came up with the PUSH. And he has now sold out of pre-orders. 

    Benjamin Weiner is the founder of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, a direct trade social enterprise that connects farmers of exquisite specialty coffees in Nicaragua with roasters throughout the world. They use refractometers, special ripeness bracelets, and other tools and techniques to bring roasters high-cupping coffees that make a positive social and environmental impact at origin. They recently purchased a rainforest in order to protect endangered species and have implemented coffee processing techniques that cut down on water use by up to 100%.

    Edy Bieker is chief operating officer and head of the quality and training departments of Sandalj. Edy pioneered evaluating samples and purchasing lots using espresso extractions, rather than relying exclusively on standard cupping practices. A pioneer of the espresso culture, his long-standing objective has always been promulgating a culture for quality.


    About the Awards

    The Coffee Excellence Awards represent those members of the coffee community that have excelled in a particular area of the industry. There are five awards on offer as follows:

    Young Entrepreneur Award

    This award is presented to a young and enthusiastic member of the coffee industry who has shown drive, determination and perseverance in their field to be successful in the coffee trade.

    Passionate Educator Award

    This award is presented to an individual who has made a concerted effort to communicate to others the wonderful pleasure that coffee can bring us.

    Innovation Award

    This award is presented to an individual or organisation that has successfully produced a new and innovative means of promoting the quality of coffee. Past innovations have ranged from the production of drinks and other coffee products, to the development of specialist machinery or equipment.

    Working Towards Sustainability Award

    This award is presented to a smallholder, estate, cooperative, mill or farm in an origin country who has worked to adapt traditional farming or coffee preparation methods in an effort to improve the environment and help sustain the industry.

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    This award is presented to an individual from the coffee industry that has stood the test of time, having furthered the interests of the coffee community by promoting the concept of quality coffee in a statesmanlike manner. The award winner is recognised for their experience and knowledge of the trade, having had a life-long focus on the promotion of quality.







  • 2015 Coffee Excellence Awards Winners

    • Young Entrepreneur Award: Konstantinos Kostantinopoulos, Chief Executive of Coffee Island
    • Passionate Educator Award: Patrick O’Malley, International Barista & Coffee Academy (IBCA), Espresso Italia, Infusion Coffee + Tea, and LiquidTech Coffee Services
    • Innovation Award: Yves Clyford Desobgo Nguepi, R&D Manager at Demus S.p.a.
    • Working Towards Sustainability: Mathias Nabutele, Coffee A Cup
    • Lifetime Achievement Award: Heinz Trachsel


  • 2014 Coffee Excellence Awards Winners

    SCAE Awards 067

    • 2014 Young Entrepreneur Award Winner – Marta Dalton
    • 2014 Passionate Educator Award Winner – Peter Hernou, Belgium
    • 2014 Innovation Award Winner – Cropster Ltd
    • 2014 Working Towards Sustainability Award Winner – La Capucas (Cocafcal)
    • 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – Yiannis Taloumis.